Let it go!

Let it go!
Take a deep breath, think about the pain,
Think about the hurt, think about the stress,
Still, the heartbeats for him? Let it go, baby
Maybe it will be more beautiful when he leaves? Maybe God has something special waiting for you?
Still don’t want to leave?
He is something that is stuck in your my mind and you feel it’s in your heart.
He makes you cry, but still, when you are happy you think he is the reason.
He is killing you from inside, still, you believe that he is the reason why you are alive,
Because u got a hope in your eyes
That someday he will change and make you feel exactly the way u wanted him to treat you, just the way u imagined your future with him, just like a perfect love story 😩
But don’t forget to take care of yourself in this battle between your hopes and reality 😔

Poojal Shetye ❤️

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