If I had a time machine 🤩👀

It all started when I was 4 and used to watch Doraemon the whole day, watching Doraemon and seeing him use the time machine to fix things up was so fascinating that till today I wish I had a time machine, as a child I would have used it to find things, or check my exam question paper or go to my favourite places and surprise friends, family members. But now as a grown-up, I would use it to fix up things, things that are broken, things that are messed up, try to fix every small mistake and maybe I would have saved people and not lost them. Maybe I would be happier, maybe I wouldn’t lose important people, if we had a time machine we wouldn’t be like this, we would have taken things differently and looked at things differently, we wouldn’t have made mistakes or we would never be bad in someone’s story we could easily see the future consequences before making decisions in the present. Life would have been much easier and happier.

I wish I had a time machine ✌️

Poojal Shetye ❤️

5 thoughts on “If I had a time machine 🤩👀

  1. I think there are also consequences when messing with the timeline of things that happen. It would be nice to use it for tweaking specific things in history to save lives. If we didn’t make mistakes, we couldn’t learn from them and that could be stagnant too. However, given the current state of the world, I think a time machine would come in handy to avoid the tragedy that we are living in today. Nice blog. 🙂


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