The coming back of 90s fashion 👒🌸

As we all have heard people say history repeats it self and now we have also started believing it looking at the 90s fashion come back .

What’s 90s fashion ? • Animal print • Velvet • Teeny – Tiny bags • Leather blazer • Combat trousers. • Tube tops etc

As we all have seen Instagram post where people wear baggy clothes , skater skirts , animal print and so on . This were the famous trends of the 90s century . We could also see such outfits in Hollywood as well as Bollywood fashion keeps repeating it self , 90s fashion at present is also know as aesthetic clothing which appears to be more attractive and eye catchy to the youngster . We have come across many famous Influencers using such clothing styles , it also includes styles like layering clothes and wear some jewellery ( layered chains or bracelet stacks ) the fashion also depends on the colour combination you choose blue, green, orange, pink, and yellow, often paired together in patterns inspired by comic book and pop art.

What does aesthetic mean in fashion ? •Aesthetics of dress is about how people choose to appear, and the way they want to look to themselves and others within a particular context. Professional roles are important to consider in aesthetics, such as designing and producing products or creating consumption niches for the marketplace.

Fashion has been the most importing thing and at present the 90s fashion has been more important so you can also get back to the 90s fashion using my tips !

Next blog : 90s fashion tips and ideas

Life of style

Poojal shetye ❤️

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